Dr. Maria Celisa Santimano, is the youngest child of Agnelo and Maria Augusta Shakuntala. This docile and innocent researcher decided to explore the land of the free. Coming to America in search of the “Dream” she found Love when she was spellbound by the charisma of a handsome white boy Sheldon D.C Vaz (Mr Casanova as Saalim Moideen would say), the first born of Hamilton and Maria Fatima Vaz.

Even though their families know each other for the past three generations...the flight of these two lovebirds did not cross till 2011 (Thank you Aunty Fausta & Rowena Fernandes and Taber & Leila D’Silva). Their first rendezvous was at JKF airport which was quite an amusing escapade. After a 2 hour wait in a stalled Mercedes Benz (XVAZX); Celisa’s first ride with Sheldon was on a TOW TRUCK !!. The adventure does not end there. Their journey back to New Jersey from JFK involved rides in a Car Rental shuttle, Airporter Bus, Airtrain, NJ Transit and Taxi. Let’s just say Celisa had a point to make; from that day onwards she was Baby #1 and XVAZX had to take a backseat or be towed away.

Long story short........these two got along like ducks to water and FINALLY Sheldon has a fiancé.....Import Fiancé !! (as Carl Chase would put it).

Sheldon’s friends are still in disbelief but have a lot of confidence that this ‘Good Indian Woman’ (as Phil Ortiz would put it ) will be the one to tame Wild VAZ! Needless to say as most of us know the hard way, with Vaz it’s quite possible he will turn her wild too!! He has already awakened the latent NJ Devil fan in her and like him Dr.Celisa loves going fishing, hunting and trap shooting. From the tow truck to the aisle to till death do us part, this happy couple is excited to have you with them as they start their journey together forever!